COMO Shambhala

Silk Eye Pillow and Sleep Balm Set

$100.00 SGD $110.00 SGD

Designed as a self-care ritual to calm, relax and de-stress, wherever you are. 

The eye pillow’s lustrous habutai silk cover and weighted flaxseed fill relaxes the facial muscles by applying gentle pressure to the eyes and forehead. Combine with the relaxing aroma of our SLEEP Balm to bring comfort and promote a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Our Silk Eye Pillow and Sleep Balm set includes: 

  • Organic Flaxseed Eye Pillow (21cm x 9cm, 200g) 

  • Habutai Silk Eye Pillow Case (2pcs) 

  • SLEEP Balm, 10ml  

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