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FRAMA is a multi-disciplinary design brand that creates lifestyle objects that inspire the senses and encourage mindful living.

The St. Pauls Apothecary Collection has been developed by Frama in Copenhagen and is created with natural, hand picked ingredients sourced from some of the most trusted suppliers in the world. Each product in the collection is gender neutral and is crafted with quality-tested essential oils that offer a pure, refreshing, and distinct scent that helps restore balance for the skin and the senses. Bottled in custom-colored Italian glass, each item in The St. Pauls Apothecary Collection aims to not only invigorate the senses, but to also bring a quality of object permanence into well curated spaces.

The St. Pauls Apothecary Collection derives from the spatial atmosphere and sensibilities of St. Pauls Apotek, a carefully preserved pharmacy from 1878 and the home of the Frama Studio in Copenhagen.

Derived from pure, natural and active ingredients, the Apothecary Hand Lotion refreshes and hydrates hands naturally, leaving them soft but not sticky. It is exceptionally gentle and safe for all skin types.

* Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Pure Almond Oil, Thyme Oil, Shea Butter
* Keynotes: Sandalwood, Cedar, Ylang Ylang
* Formulated for everyday use
* 500ml
* Made in Denmark

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