COMO Shambhala

Calming Silk Eye Pillow Set

$85.00 SGD

Designed as a self-care ritual to calm, relax and destress. The lustrous habutai silk cover and weighted flaxseed fill relaxes the face and facial muscles by applying gentle pressure to the eyes and forehead.

A perfect companion before bedtime, after screen time, during your wellness practice or whenever you need a moment of respite throughout the day. All ingredients are 100% natural and plant based.

Our set includes:

  • Organic Flaxseed Eye Pillow (21cm x 9cm, 200g)
  • Habutai Silk Eye Pillow Case (2pcs)

Note: Hand wash silk pillow case only. 

Invigorate Balm (10ml) is for illustration purpose only; it is not included in our set. 

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